How To Thorw An Amazing Party On A Budget

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Organizing a party on a budget can often be intimidating. Many people think that to organize a successful party it’s necessary to break the bank. But, actually, creating a fantastic party can also be done on a really tiny budget if you know the best tips and tricks to do it.

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Catering is often very expensive, but there are plenty of options that can help you spend very little or nothing and throw an incredible party on a budget!


The option I prefer is to create a themed food bar. You could put together an ice cream bar, probably the most loved, by both children and adults, especially if you are organizing your party in the summertime.

However, the options that I prefer the most are the waffles and crepes bars, which can be customized according to the taste of the guests, offering different toppings, which can be both sweet and savory!
The themed food bars are very simple to make, but the best thing is that you will spend a very little amount of money on them. Yay!

Nachos Bar, Party on a low Budget
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Waffle Bar, Party on a low budget
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Another fantastic option is to prepare the food yourself or, even better, with the help of friends and relatives.
If you know you won’t be able to prepare everything, buy some of the food, but prepare the dishes that you are able to make.

If you’re looking for some affordable supplies and decorations for your homemade desserts, check out the Layer Cake Shop: they have everything, from sprinkles to packaging, that will make your desserts stand out.

The DIY idea can be applied to decorations as well. It’s extremely simple to find amazing ideas on Pinterest, that are super affordable and easy to make.


A brilliant alternative, if you are organizing a party with friends or relatives, is organizing a food contest. Everyone will have to bring a dish and the best one will win a prize.

This way, all the guests will most likely bring their best dishes, moved by their spirit of competition.


Plan to have a signature drink or cocktail, so you only have to worry about one type of alcohol and spend less money. Plus, a signature drink makes things look more put together and will match the theme easily.


Shorten your guest list and invite only those who you really want to have at your party. Not only you will save on the food cost, but it’s a perfect plus if you’re organizing your party in a small location.


Use your home as a location for your party (or that of some of your closest friends).
The best option, if the weather allows it, is to organize the party in your backyard. The decorations will then give value to the spaces and create the perfect atmosphere and mood.


Buy your decorations on discount, both in local stores and on the internet. In fact, very often, in stores, there are clearance sales on decorations, which although belonging to the collection for a certain holiday (such as New Year, Easter, 4th of July, etc.) are, actually, perfect for any event.
Furthermore, on the Internet, decorations are always at very low prices. But be careful to order them in advance, so that you can receive them in time for your party.
Check out this post to discover the best online stores for beautiful party supplies at a very low price. They are perfect for your party on a budget!


Last, but definitely not least, to save a lot of money, is planning your party in advance.
Start planning as early as six months before the actual event.
Everything is much cheaper if booked in advance. In addition, you can take advantage of discounts on decorations that are sold at low prices after the holidays.
Not only planning your party in advance will save you money, but on the day of the party, you will arrive without any worry and any stress, due to the last minute organization.


Details do matter, but not necessarily the details you might be thinking about. Beautiful decorations and stunning looking desserts alone won’t create a party atmosphere if the guests aren’t having fun.

Icebreaker games, even if silly, can get the party a light-hearted start: offering a little friendly competition can help not only make your guests know each other but will liven things up as well.

Always remember: at the end of the day what really matters is the company and the fun, not the money you spent on it! Indeed, I’ve attended some parties where it seemed like a lot of money was spent on it, but the vibe was just not right and the guests didn’t seem to truly enjoy the company or the party itself.

Now you’re ready to throw the perfect party on a budget! Share any other tips you have in the comments so that everybody can benefit from them.

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