2 Weeks Summer Beach Body Challenge

Woman in a swimsuit in the water at the beach summer beach body challenge workout to get back in shape for summer

2 weeks beach body challenge

Today I’m bringing out another workout challenge, but this time the goal is getting the perfect beach body that you’ve been wishing for a long time.

Summer is getting closer and closer and with that, we realize our body is a tad out of shape and we need to do something to look at our best all summer long. Have you already started to worry about it? Don’t worry, I got your back.

I actually created this challenge a few years ago and I always do it before the beginning of summer, as it always gives me big results.

This challenge literally takes no time and you can do it everywhere, as it doesn’t require any machines. The workout focuses on every single muscle of your body. The challenge is extremely effective because the reps are increased every single day. The result? The perfect beach body everyone wishes for!

Here are the step by step exercises you are gonna do in this challenge:







Pointed Butt Lifts:

Pointed Butt Lifts



Mountain Climbers:

Mountain Climbers



Let me know your opinions on the challenge in the comments down below! Also, get ready for another amazing challenge coming up soon!

2 weeks beach body challenge

4 thoughts on “2 Weeks Summer Beach Body Challenge

  1. Late as ever to this pre summer workout seeing as it’s now pre winter in my neck of the woods.. . But question: is 20 obliques like 10 each side… or does that short change the routine?

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