Sephora LipStories Lipsticks Review – High End at a Drugstore Price

Sephora lipstories lipsticks matte, cream and metal review

One of my latest makeup favorites is the newish LipStories lipsticks line by Sephora, that came out in December.

When these lipsticks first came out I went straight to the store and grabbed some of the more wintery shades.

But I actually loved them so much that I went back to grab another couple of shades that totally scream spring.

If I wasn’t broke I would probably buy all the 40 shades, but for the moment I’ll only keep purchasing a couple of shades every month.(Spoiler: I’ll probably end up buying them all on a day when I’ll feel crazy enough.)

If you haven’t tried them yet and you’re thinking of purchasing them, I’ve got you covered: here I have for you an honest review of these lipsticks that will help you in your decision.

Sephora LipStories Lipsticks

The Packaging

First of all, I really need to talk about the LipStories packaging. I bet every one of you noticed how cute it is!

I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the quality of the packaging itself, considered cheap by many people. But I don’t really agree with this point of view: actually, what I love the most about the packaging is the fact that it is mostly made of cardboard which makes it perfectly eco-friendly.


The Formula (Pros and Cons)

I’ve probably never used a lipstick that had such an amazing formula.

These lipsticks not only are extremely smooth, but they are also super pigmented. The first time I tried them I noticed that I only needed one single swipe to get a full coverage.

They are divided into three textures: Cream, Matte, and Metallic.

Of the three finishes, I would say that the Matte and Cream are the best.

The Metallic, instead, is not very pigmented, but you can build it up pretty well.

As for the Matte texture I have to say that, even though I really love it, I do not suggest it if you want a super matte finish. This texture gives you more of a velvety finish with a matte twist.


Tips and Tricks

Even though smudged lipstick was actually a big trend a few months ago, it’s never nice to find out that your lipstick has smudged all over your face. Then, what should you do if your lipstick keeps smudging? Some of you may decide not to use that lipstick anymore, but some lipsticks are way too beautiful not to be used. You just need some tricks to make your lipstick stay where it should actually stay.

Something that really helps to make the lipstick stay in place is keeping your lips well hydrated and nicely scrubbed. But there are some products that really change the game.

Indeed, you could use a lip primer (my favorite is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Primer), which feels like a lip balm. It will keep the pigment intact and will make your lipstick looking just-applied for hours! You could also opt for a lip pencil (my favorite at the moment is the Huda Beauty Lip Contour Pencil), to create a protective line.


The Price

Another fascinating thing about this lipstick line is their price. Even though the LipStories lipsticks look and feel extremely high end, they actually retail at a price of $8, which is definitely a drugstore price.

Final Conclusions for the Lipstories Lipsticks

Lasting: 7 – they last for a good part of the day, but they need to be reapplied after eating (especially the cream texture).

Pigmentation: 8 – they only need one swipe (but for the metallic formula, that needs a few swipes) to be applied and they are highly pigmented.

Comfort: 9 – thanks to their creamy texture they keep your lips hydrated and they are also very light.

Smudging: 7 – the metallic formula tends to smudge after a few hours. The others, otherwise, stay in place pretty well.

Expectations vs Reality: 9 – As advertised, they are very good, highly pigmented and comfortable lipsticks.


Personally, I really really love the LipStories lipsticks line, and, as I mentioned before, I would buy all of them if I could.

They come in a pretty wide shade range so that everybody can find their perfect color and finish. These lipsticks also have an amazing value, that’s why I totally suggest you check the Sephora website as soon as possible and grab a few shades for yourself!

(This time it’s totally safe to judge a product by its packaging because I can say these lipsticks are as beautiful on the outside as they are extremely good on the inside.)

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LipStories Lipsticks Review Sephora Collection

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