How To Plan A Successful Party In 7 Simple Steps

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Organizing a successful party can often be overwhelming. The funny thing is that a moment that should only be enjoyable often turns out to be extremely stressful. But there’s a really simple solution to this problem: planning. By planning ahead everything will be organized and you won’t have to worry about a single thing.

So, here I created the perfect party planning to do list that will make your life way easier!

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The first thing you have to think about when you want to organize a party is the budget you want to spend.

All the following steps depend on this aspect (from the number of guests to the type of location for your party). Surely we would all like to organize an extravagant party with a menu worth thousands of dollars, without worrying about how much we’re actually spending. The reality is that many of us don’t have an infinite availability of money and certainly we don’t wanna spend stratospheric amounts of money to organize a successful party. However, if you don’t have a budget, keeping the situation under control will be really difficult and you’ll end up spending twice (or even more) as much as you actually wanted to.

Setting a budget, however, it’ll be much easier for you not to splash out and splurge on things that you don’t actually need.

This does not mean that you can’t organize an amazing party with a low budget (you can read my post on how to organize a party on a small budget here). Indeed, sometimes the parties for which you spend less are the best and, above all, the funniest.

Now you are ready to start organizing your party!


First of all, you have to choose the date. This will be the ground for all the other steps.

Obviously, the sooner you choose it, the more time you’ll have to organize everything and experience the process of preparing for the event with as much peace as possible.

Nobody wants to stress to organize something that should just be pleasant.

It is also important to choose the moment of the day in which you want to hold the party. This will help create the right atmosphere for the type of event you want to organize.

Also, try to imagine the date and time of the day when most of the guests will be able to come, the more the merrier!


Start writing a list of the people you would like to invite to your party. You can update the guest list later: the important thing is to have an idea of the number and the type of people that you want to have at your party.

This way you’ll be able to organize all the other elements of the party (such as the location, the decorations and the menu).


The location must be chosen not only according to your budget but also depending on the date and time of the day you decided to play the party. Furthermore, it is important to choose a location suitable for the type of people you want to invite and the number of guests that you think will be coming.

Size matters, but this doesn’t mean that bigger is better: it all depends on the number of guests, in the first place, and also on the type of activity you want to do. It’s never a good idea to use a location (especially if indoors) that is too large, as it could easily seem empty and destroy the mood of the party.

The location you choose, along with the decorations, will help you create a successful party or make it a real fiasco.


It’s time to invite all the people you want to be coming to your party.

The invitations are very important as they create excitement in the guests. That’s why you have to choose invitations that are beautiful and that create in the guests the desire to participate in the event.

Make sure to send the invitations about 3-4 weeks before the party. This way everyone will be able to get organized and most of the guests will probably participate.


This point is also linked to the type of guests.

If you’re organizing a formal event then choose a menu that is fine and elegant. If, instead, you’re organizing a party for children, then, you should obviously choose simple food that everyone will love. It’s up to you to understand what your guests would like to eat.

The quantities of food is a really important aspect as well: do not serve food that is not enough compared to the number of guests, but always dish out a 15% more. Though, be careful not to overdo it! The remaining food would just be thrown away and no one here wants to waste it, right?


What party is it without entertainment? Unless it is an event in which there are many guests and you know that everyone will find someone to talk to, it is better to choose activities that will give life to the party.

Very important: remember the music! Music is essential for every successful party to create the right atmosphere. But be careful with the volume! The music should not be too loud, otherwise, the guests won’t be able to talk to each other. It shouldn’t be too low as well, because it could only turn out to be an annoying buzz in the background.


The last step, but definitely not less important, are the decorations.

If you have chosen a theme for the event, choose decorations that have the same theme.

The decorations will make the location more attractive and interesting and will give an extra boost to the party, creating the perfect atmosphere. (Check out this post to discover the best online stores for party supplies).

Now you’re ready to plan a successful party without worrying to forget something very important!

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