11 Healthy Dinner Recipes To Try After A Long Day Of Work

Vegan Healthy Dinner Recipes

Eating healthy is always one of my top priorities all year round. However, for me, it’s always been hard to find healthy dinner recipes that I actually like. The result? I often end up eating food that significantly slows down my metabolism.
That’s why in the last few months I’ve been on the hunt for healthy dinner recipes that look and taste amazing. After testing and loving these recipes I decided that it’s finally time to share them with all of you. I bet you’re gonna love them as much as I (and thousands of other people) do!

Here are the 11 healthy dinner recipes you’re actually gonna love:

1. Creamy Coconut Polenta

Creamy Coconut Polenta Vegan And Vegetarian Healthy Dinner Recipes

The mushrooms in it are the final touch to an already delicious recipe that is also healthy and filling.

You can easily get the recipe here.

2. Cauliflower Tacos

Vegan Cauliflower Tacos vegetarian healthy dinner recipes

To be honest, life was pretty sad before discovering these tacos. The crunchiness of the cauliflower shell ties perfectly with the avocado.

You can easily get the recipe here.

3. Ramen Soup with Zucchini Noodles

Vegan Ramen Soup Zucchini Noodles Vegetarian Healthy Dinner Recipes Asian Cuisine

Can you believe one serving of this is only 96 kcal? You could literally eat 5 portions and still be fine.

You can easily get the recipe here.

4. Stuffed Shells with Cauliflower Ricotta

low fat vegan stuffed shells roasted tomato sauce healthy date recipes pasta vegetarian and vegan

This recipe is perfect if you’re cooking dinner for your date, but you still want to eat something healthy and tasty.

You can easily get the recipe here.

5. Vegan Steak Chili

Vegan Steak Chili Healthy Dinner Recipe Mexican Vegan Vegetarian Recipes Ideas

Eating Mexican has never been so healthy. Needless to say, this recipe is beyond delicious.

You can easily get the recipe here.

6. Asian-Style Cabbage Dumplings with Dipping Sauce

Asian-Style Cabbage Dumplings with dipping sauce soy sauce chinese japanese healthy dinner ideas recipes vegan and vegetarian

These are one of my best finds, probably because I love dumplings. They’re also perfect if you’re organizing a fancy dinner. Nobody is gonna notice that, actually, they are healthy.

You can easily get the recipe here.

7. Portobello Fajitas

Portobello Fajitas Vegan Vegetarian Healthy Dinner Recipes Ideas

These fajitas are so good I literally eat them at least once a week. Oh, did I mention it only takes 30 minutes to make them?!

You can easily get the recipe here.

8. Vegan Pho with Spicy Tofu

Vegan Pho with spicy tofu healthy dinner recipes vegetarian ideas

The tofu in it is the cherry on top that makes this recipe perfect. You really need to try this one!

You can easily get the recipe here.

9. Pesto Spinach Quinoa Stuffed Tomatoes

Roasted Quinoa Stuffed tomatoes with basil vegan and vegetarian healthy dinner recipes

Another great recipe if you’re cooking dinner on a date. If you don’t like tomatoes you could use bell peppers or eggplants instead, they’re gonna taste equally amazing.

You can easily get the recipe here.

10. 30 Minute Chickpea Curry

Vegan Chickpea Curry vegan dinner ideas vegetarian healthy dinner recipes

This recipe is the one I always go for when I’m really hungry or I need to restore my energies. It’s filled with nutrients and very very tasty.

You can easily get the recipe here.

11. California Burger

California Burger Vegetarian and Vegan healthy dinner recipes ideas

Finding a good plant-based burger has been a struggle for me. So when I finally tried this one and noticed how good it was, well, it was a relief.

You can easily get the recipe here.

Are there some recipes you want to share with everyone? Feel free to comment them down below together with your opinions!


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Easy and healthy dinner recipes to eat after a long day of work. The perfect comfort food to eat for dinner.

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