24 Girl Boss Gift Ideas All The Lady Bosses Will Love

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We all have someone in our lives that we consider a true girl boss. A woman that always does her best to realize her dreams. A woman that is always on the move and that has always new bright ideas that she wants to pull off as well as new goals that she wants to achieve. In this post, I’ve rounded up 25 adorable girl boss gift ideas sure to brighten up the busy day of a colleague or a friend.

Personally, I love buying girl boss gifts because I always know what would be useful in the everyday life of a lady boss. But most importantly, I know what wouldn’t end up right in the trash.

Some of these gift ideas are great to spice up a boring workplace while some others are the perfect gift for someone who needs a little bit of relax and needs to unwind from all that busy life.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended. There will be no extra cost for you!

The girl boss gift ideas are grouped by price so that it’s easier to find something that fits your budget but that is still a great and very useful gift. So let’s jump right into them:


1. Passport Case

Travel Journey Fabric Passport ID Card Holder Case Cover Purse

Promising review: “Exactly as pictured (color and texture). It feels sturdy and it is good quality. The side pockets inside make is so convenient because I can put my boarding pass and checked baggage sticker inside and not worry about losing them. I love how this personalizes my passport so I can locate it easily even if I travel in large groups.” – EJ

You can easily get it here for only $7.85

2. 2019 Weekly and Monthly Planner

2019 Weekly and Monthly Planner with floral cover

Promising review: “This is a well-made planner and I love how the days are broken out between lines for your schedule and to-do list items. Month pages have squares large enough to write in, and a notes section on the side. Cute design and fonts. Love!” – Anna

You can easily get it here for only $7.99

3. You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

You Are a Badass Book by Jen Sincero

Promising review: “Just the Inspiring Kick in the Butt I Needed!: I loved this book! I listened to the audiobook and it was great to hear the material the way the author intended. It was very inspiring, funny and positive! Sincero found a way to make some of the self-help sayings of old sound new and fresh! I highly recommend this book!” – Therese Taylor

You can easily get it here for only $9.60


4. Marble Mousepad

Rose gold Marble mousepad/white marble/marble mousepad/mousepad/desk accessory/cute mousepad/marble decor/rose gold

Promising review: “I love it! Makes my work desk looks so much cuter :)” – Sarah Surette

You can easily get it here for only $10.99 and it’s available in other 26 colors and designs.

5. Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba


Girl Code: Unlocking the Secrets to Success, Sanity, and Happiness for the Female Entrepreneur Cara Alwill Leyba

Promising review: “I just spent 2 hours soaking in the bathtub reading your book!! I love your style and found myself nodding in agreement thinking that I have said/thought that before. I would start to think it wasn’t ‘helping’ me like I thought it would then I’d turn the page. Boom. Speaking straight to my heart. I feel conviction! This is an AMAZING book but an even better tool. If I don’t apply it, what good was reading it??” – Jenny

You can easily get it here for only $12.00

6. Gold Foil Girl Boss Coffee MugGold Foil Girl Boss Coffee Mug Large Black Ceramic 15oz Mug

You can easily get it here for only $12.99

7. SoundBot Water Proof Bluetooth Speaker (so that she can listen to podcasts even while she’s in the shower)

SoundBot SB510 HD Water Proof Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker, Mini Water Resistant Wireless Shower Speaker, Handsfree Portable Speakerphone with Built-in Mic

Promising review: “My sisters and I would always listen to music while showering, with no control of the music but reaching out. This device allows us to listen to music, hearing it loudly in the shower, and being able to switch songs. It connects easily and is connected to 3 phones. It has a long range, as I can charge my phone in my room and still have the Bluetooth connected (so like probably 6 feet or more). Also being used for about 30 minutes per day, we only have to charge it once a month or less. Greatest under $20 purchase I have made, and was beloved by all.” – Abigail Williams

You can easily get it here for only $14.99

8. Girl Boss Gold Hand Lettered Art Print

Girl Boss Gold Hand Lettered Art Print

You can easily get it here for only $14.99


9. Art Desk Stand with 12 Gold Stamped Inspirational Cards

Eccolo World Traveler Inspiring Art Desk Stand, Wooden Block Stand, 12 Gold Stamped Inspirational Cards

Promising review: “I have these cards displayed on my desk at work, and these inspirational quotes are perfect to hang around to keep you inspired and motivated throughout the day. They are a perfect size, and it also helps that they are super cute as well. I received so many compliments as soon as I displayed these!” – Taylor

You can easily get it here for only $15.99

10. Wooden Perpetual Desk Calendar

YOFIT 21 Vintage Wooden Block Perpetual Calendar Desk Accessory Shabby Rustic Chic Number, Rose Gold

Promising review: “This is the cutest desk calendar ever. It’s well made and great quality. The copper and white colors go perfectly together. It’s easy to use and is something different. Definitely not the usual desk calendar every one has. It’s not as big as I thought it would be but the perfect size for a desk. It came fast and was packaged nicely.” – Samantha

You can easily get it here for only $16.49

11. 2019 Daily Planner with Bonus Accessories

Palm Tree Hardcover 2019 Daily Planner, Weekly Planner, Monthly Planner, Yearly Agenda with bonus bookmark

Promising review: “My favorite planner that I have ever owned. Good size and lots of room to write. It even comes with a tab to mark which week you are on. Not to mention the front cover has many trendy options. I definitely will be buying my next planner from the same seller.” – Tori

You can easily get it here for only $16.95

12. 2019 Monthly, Weekly and Daily Planner

Bloom Daily Planners 2019 Day Planner

Promising review: “I got this to keep my many schedules organized and it works great. Its got areas to write whats going on everyday and its got a calendar view of the month at the beginning of every month. It also has a place for “To Do” lists and notes. It has cute pick-me-ups here an there throughout the months along with a place to write out yearly goals and ways to help you achieve them. In Love With This Planner!!” – SquidneyBean

You can easily get it here for only $16.95

13. Dead Sea Bath Salts (so that she can finally relax after a long day of hard work)

Dead Sea Bath Salts Herbivore Botanicals Calm

Promising review: “These bath salts smell amazing and feel great after a long day. I mix mine with a really calming bubble bath and just soak for about 20 minutes before bed and I’m totally relaxed and ready to drift off to sleep. Highly recommend!” – Jane Waggoner

You can easily get it here for only $18.00

14. Make It Happen Wall Art with Rose Gold Foil

Make It Happen Rose Gold Foil Decor Home Pink Wall Art Print Inspirational Motivational Quote Metallic Pink Poster 8 inches x 10 inches A17

You can easily get it here for only $18.00

Promising review: “I am very happy with this. The very pale pink and rose gold foil print are beautiful. With this, I ordered a rose gold frame with an ivory mat from Amazon and it looks great in that. I’d recommend that rather than hanging this on its own. I wanted this so much and am so happy I have it now and it is very motivational and positive. Also very well packaged to protect the art.” – Susan

15. Gold & Marble Coffee Mug

Vilight Boss Lady Mug - Best Gift for Girl Women Boss 2018 - Gold & Marble Coffee Tumbler Ceramic Cup - 11.5 oz Girl Boss

Promising review: “I bought this for a friend because she received a promotion at work. She loved it and it matches her kitchen! Thanks for the beautiful piece of art :)” – Courtney Mansfield

You can easily get it here for only $19.86


16. 10-Minute Daily Planner

10-Minute Planner Daily Planner - A5 Leather Hardcover Undated Weekly and Monthly Organizer with 2018-2019 Calendar - Includes Inspirational Quotes for Motivation and Productivity (Black)

Promising review: “This product is so cute and perfect for planning my days. It has areas where I can prioritize the tasks I have to do on a day which is very helpful and it has an area where I can write out my schedule which I love! I love love love this product!”

You can easily get it here on sale for only $21.99

17. Girl Boss Ceramic Coffee Mug

Girl Boss Pink Ceramic Coffee Mug

You can easily get it here for only $23.54

18. Wood Wall Art

Elegant Signs Today Is A Good Day For A Good Day Funny Framed Wood Sign Rustic Funny Sign Rustic wall art Gift for Friend (7 x 9)

Promising review: “Great quality. I was the perfect size for my mantel but I ended up putting it on a shelf in my guest bathroom. Super cute and great with the farmhouse charm.” – Ashley Spencer

You can easily get it here for only $24.99

19. 2019 Hard Cover Planner

Bloom Daily Planners 2019 Hard Cover Vision Planner - Monthly and Weekly Column View Day Planner - 7.5 x 9 - Marble

Promising review: “I absolutely love this planner! The cover is beautiful, and with the gold wiring holding it together it looks so professional. It looks exactly as pictured, is a good quality with a solid feel to it, and was perfectly what I wanted with long vertical sections for every day of the week. The planner and the daily sections are large enough that you can easily list a schedule as well as a to-do list, which is perfect for me. However, the planner is small enough that it fits in most medium-sized purses, and it is very light and easy to just slip in with other things. Perfect to carry around with you! Highly recommend this planner.” – AJ

You can easily get it here for only $26.95

20. 2019 Hard Cover Planner

Bloom Daily Planners 2019 Hard Cover Vision Planner - Monthly Weekly Column View Day Planner Agenda Calendar Organizer - (August 2018 - July 2019) -7.5 x 9 -Blue & White Floral

Promising review: “I adore this planner. It is beautiful and has plenty of room on each day for my to-dos and reminders. I love that it isn’t as big as a normal piece of paper, so I can fit it Into my purse easily. I can’t wait until August when I can start using it!” – Brittany M.

You can easily get it here for only $26.95


21. Rose Gold Office Organization Supplies

PAG Rose Gold Office Supplies 5 in 1 Metal Desk Organizer Set - Hanging File Organizer, File Tray, Letter Sorter, Pencil Holder and Stick Note Holder

Promising review: “Love it, love it, love it. My office definitely stands out from the rest. The color is beautiful and it seems nice and stable. I recommend if you wanna try something different.” – Adelaida Williams

You can easily get it here for only $30.99


22. Magnetic Chalkboard with Monthly Calendar

DesignOvation Bosc Framed Magnetic Chalkboard Monthly Calendar, 18.5x27.5, White Border

Promising review: “Absolutely love! Get many compliments as well!!!” – Stephanie Maughmer

You can easily get it here for $51.99

23. Digital Wall Clock with Remote Control

CHIHAI Silent Multifunctional Jumbo LED Digital Wall Clock with Remote Control, Large Calendar and Temperature, Count up, Countdown Timer (black Shell White Digital)

Promising review: “Item just came today; including USB wall adapter, remote and instructions. Setup was fairly straightforward, used anchors and screws with a rather small head to mount the clock to the wall. Five levels of brightness is a neat feature, and the ability of this unit to have the temperature, calendar, alarm and a regular is also impressive. Sure, there are smaller less expensive options. But there is an undeniable aesthetic pleasure in having such a unit. And if you are into this, then I recommended this wall clock.” – Terrence Piere

You can easily get it here for $85.99

24. Keurig Coffee Maker

Keurig K250 Single Serve, K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker with Strength Control, Black

Promising review: “I am late to the K-cup trend. Started a new job and they have a very basic k-cup machine. I fell in love with it. My husband was paying attention as I said I wanted one that could make a stronger cup of coffee so this model was my Christmas present. My kids have used it for hot chocolate and my coffee snob son even gave it a thumbs up. I like the water reservoir and that you can pick how many ounces you want. Did I mention I like the “strong” setting? Just love it .” – Karen Davis

You can easily get it here for $103.53 (and it’s available in 6 other colors)

Have these girl boss gift ideas helped you find the right gift?

Do you have other gift ideas you want to recommend? Feel free to leave a comment down below!

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