What I Learned In My First Month Blogging

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My first month blogging has officially finished, as I launched my blog on April 15th. This month has been one of the most exciting and stressful months ever. So keep reading to discover everything I’ve learned during this month, how I got over 7,000 page views as well as and how I actually made money.

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What you should know in your first month blogging right after you start your blog and how I make money blogging

How my blogging adventure started

If you’re not interested in this you can just skip to the next paragraph!

Blogging has been attracting me for a very long time. A couple of years ago I was actually already considering the idea of creating a blog. But there was a problem: I did not want to invest any money in it. I already knew I couldn’t make any money if I didn’t get self-hosted, but I did not want to spend a single penny on it. So, I ended up giving up on it, as I couldn’t find any free way of starting a blog.

At the end of March, through a very strange path, I ended up getting caught in the blogging world once again.

I started reading an infinite amount of blog posts where bloggers were sharing their income reports, and I was completely shocked. I thought bloggers could make hundreds of dollars per month, but no! There are bloggers that make over $100.000 per month. This is insane!

I started getting really really interested in it and I discovered that getting self-hosted was definitely not as expensive as I thought. At this point, I decided to make a very small investment and I signed up for Siteground.

If you want to start your own blog I strongly recommend you Siteground. I really believe, together with millions of other bloggers, that Siteground is the best hosting around.(plus if you click on my special affiliate link here, you’ll pay only $3.95/mo instead of $7.95/mo)

What I learned in my first month blogging

The importance of a good hosting

Deciding which hosting to choose was very hard as I was torn between Siteground and Bluehost. These two are the biggest hosting companies and they are almost equally suggested. You might be asking yourself, then, why I decided to go for Siteground.

Well, nothing was casually done here, as I wanted to make the right choice to create a very good blog. I started looking up for comparisons of the two hosting sites and I literally read about 20 of them before deciding. The conclusion of all this reading was that Siteground is considered the best choice by many bloggers in terms of performance, reliability and excellent support systems. It also looks like the website speed is much better when a site is hosted by Siteground rather than Bluehost. This is a fundamental element as many readers will leave the blog if the loading is slow and only a few will have the patience to wait.

I’ve finally understood that paying for a blog hosting is totally worth it, and I know that I’ll be able not only to cover what I spent on it but also make even more!

If you want to start your blog you can sign up for Siteground for $7.95/mo (or for $3.95/moif you click here on my special link)

Setting Goals

One important thing that all bloggers suggest and that I tried to apply from the very beginning of my first month blogging is setting goals.

This is probably one of the most important elements that you need to follow if you really want to succeed. It ended up to be extremely important to me, as it gave me something to seek for.

The goals I set for my first month blogging were:

  • Get 1,000 visitors
  • Sell 3 products through the Amazon Associates program
  • Reach 500 followers on Pinterest

At the end of the month, I was completely shocked. I would have never thought I could reach these results in my first month blogging:

  • I got 7,147 pageviewsFirst Month Blogging Pageviews Google Analytics Report Blog Make Money
  • Sold 4 products through Amazon

Amazon Associates Earnings Affiliate Program

  • Reached 642 followers on Pinterest

Pinterest Followers Goal

The importance of building an email list

Building an email list is pretty underestimated, as it’s seen as a useless and pricey feature that bloggers don’t really need, but when they have a lot of page views. The reality though is completely different. Building an email list should be one of your top priorities from your very first month blogging.

There’s a sad reality about blogging: 99% of your blog’s visitors will never come back. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a way for your visitors to come back to your site? Well, the best way for it to happen is to build a list of subscribers that are passionate about what you blog about and will come back whenever you post something.

As usual, I did a lot of researches before deciding which email list builder to use, and I discovered that many bloggers were using and loving Convertkit. From my one month experience of using Convertkit I can say that it is very easy to use, so it’s perfect for new bloggers that still don’t know how stuff like this actually works.

If you click here, you’ll get a FREE 1-month trial for Covertkit, so that you can understand how great it is without spending any money!

The right pinning strategy

At the beginning of March, while I was getting more and more interested in blogging, I discovered that promoting your blog on Pinterest is an amazing way to get traffic. I’ve never understood how Pinterest actually worked until I started reading some blogs where people were sharing their incredible experiences with it.

Pinterest, if used properly, can get you thousands of page views. Indeed, currently, more than 80% of my page views come from Pinterest. So keep reading to know how you can attract readers on your blog through this amazing image-based search engine.


Before discovering the right way to promote my blog on Pinterest, I thought I could just repin my pins on my own boards and that people could easily find it anyways. Obviously, it doesn’t work like this (Duh!). I soon discovered that group boards are crucial when it comes to promoting your pins. Why? Imagine being part of a group board that has 50,000 followers: a lot of those people are going to see your content and your blog will have much more exposure.


Another element I discovered being really important is pinning at the right time of the day. Now, living in Italy, but having a mostly American audience, it was very hard for me to find the right time to pin as for the majority of the time America is asleep while I’m awake. It was a problem until I discovered Tailwind.

If you don’t know what Tailwind is, then keep reading!

Tailwind is basically a pin scheduler that will pin for you without you having to stay constantly on your phone and on Pinterest. There’s a feature, in particular, that I really really love about Tailwind: it tells you, based on your pins’ statistics when is the right moment to pin so that your pins will be visible to the majority of people.

The importance of being yourself

During this month I realized that this point is very important, especially if you want to create an engaging and loyal audience around your blog.

I personally think that finding inspiration in other bloggers’ content and methods is great, and it’s actually what you should do if you want to succeed. Yes, people could check your blog, but they won’t stick around it if you don’t have something original that makes them want to keep coming back.

You should be ready before launching your blog

The one thing I regret doing in my first month blogging is launching with only 8 posts on my blog. I already knew that many bloggers suggest launching your blog with at least 20 posts, but I was way too impatient and excited and I could not wait any longer.

Needless to say, it was a bad choice. People who were visiting my blog immediately left because there was nothing else to read that could interest them.

So, what I definitely suggest is to launch your blog when you have at least 15/20 posts. This way you won’t look like a newbie and, most importantly, people will get really interested in your blog even if you’ve just launched it.

What happened in my first month blogging 

What worked

At the beginning of my first month blogging, I wasn’t expecting to make money at all. Surprisingly, though, at a certain point, my pageviews increased drastically and, with that, my earnings. It’s definitely a very small earning, but it’s definitely better than nothing.

Also, another great thing is that I got accepted to a lot of group boards with many followers. At the beginning of the month, I sent out many requests to join Pinterest group boards, but I did it the wrong way. When I optimized the content of my requests I finally started getting accepted to group boards. 

What didn’t work

At the beginning of this post, I was saying that this month has been really exciting and stressful at the same time.

Being a college student, it’s really hard for me to coordinate the two activities. At the beginning of the month, I was posting every single day. I’m trying to find a balance between blogging and studying as I want to continue both of them.

How much I made

Ads: $6.82

Amazon Associates: $10.27

Total: $17.09

If you have any questions or have any tips to share with me, feel free to comment down below or send me an e-mail.


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13 thoughts on “What I Learned In My First Month Blogging

  1. Oh my gosh…your first month stats are amazing! I pinned this so I could save and read again later for some helpful tips and reminders. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Your honestly is refreshing! It is discouraging to see that the people making serious money are really just selling the idea of blogging to others.

  3. I’ve been blogging for a while, but I’ve just recently started getting serious, wanting to build my readership and start monetizing so these are really great tips. Especially the email list part! Thank you!

  4. Wonderful tips! Thank you for sharing your experience. I’ve been blogging for 3 years but just launched my second brand new blog 1 week ago! So I’m refreshing all the newbie tips!

  5. I’ve been live for just around two months and unlike you, I haven’t been setting and keeping track of goals, which is my next goal!

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