How I Made My First $500 With My Blog

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If you’re looking for a story of great and quick success this is probably not the post you’ll want to be reading. But if you’re interested in how the blogging world really looks like and how making money with a blog works, then this might actually be an interesting read. This is how I made my first $500 with my blog.

My expectations

No, it didn’t happen overnight. My blog didn’t get extremely successful a couple of months after launching it. But that’s definitely what I thought was going to happen.

I didn’t start my blog because I wanted to write about something I’m passionate about (even though that’s what I actually do most of the times). The reason why I started my blog is that I wanted to create a little side hustle to help me pay my future university tuition.

I was looking for some kind of online job and when blogging came up I got very interested, especially after discovering how much some bloggers were making. I got caught up in the amazing and successful stories of a few bloggers that started making money right after launching their blog, and from there, there was no coming back.

In my mind I thought that making money with a blog would be extremely easy and fast. So, after a few days of browsing and getting informed, I purchased my domain and launched my blog.

The beginning

I dove right into it and started writing a bunch of posts on the style of some famous platforms like BuzzFeed and POPSUGAR, hoping to attract some readers. I was expecting to get thousands and thousands of pageviews, like was happening to those bloggers I looked up to. But it wasn’t the case. Despite my best efforts, I was getting just a couple of pageviews a day. It definitely wasn’t how I expected it to be like.

Within a month I started to understand more about blogging. I kept analyzing what other bloggers were doing and what was making them so successful and I slowly started to see my page views grow faster. After two months my page views were a little above 6k a month, and they kept growing until the end of the third month.

In that period I thought my blog had the potential to become big, but it wasn’t enough, because I kept comparing it to other more successful blogs. Their income was way higher than mine, but I didn’t know what to do, as I was already doing my best.

The downfall

I kept working on my blog, hoping that time would help it grow. But, actually, starting from the fourth month, it all went wrong. Page views were decreasing, and after a few weeks they reached their lowest (about 1,600 monthly page views).

I didn’t understand why my pageviews were constantly decreasing, as I was working extremely hard on my blog. But after a while I realized that those bloggers were just some isolated cases that I wouldn’t have been able to imitate.

At the end of the year I only made around $200 which was nothing, compared to all my efforts and sacrifice.

And now?

At that point I was a little unmotivated and I almost stopped writing on my blog. Funnily enough at the beginning of this year, even though a was only posting once every two months, my blog’s page views started increasing. They reached 7k page views per month, staying steady for the whole year. And what’s even more interesting is that I started making more money now (that I’m practically putting no efforts into it), then before, as I’ve already made about $300. I’m not saying that this is a huge sum of money, but its definitely something, considering how much I’m working for it.

Time has definitely done something. I believe that with consistency and commitment, a blog that has interesting content and a decent marketing strategy, can totally, in the long term, break through. However, for some part, I also think that luck has a lot to do with it, especially in the short term.

I really hope my story helped you understand more about the blogging world and how making money with a blog works.

If you have any questions or you want to share your own story, feel free to leave a comment.

Have a nice day!


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