7 Easy Ways To Renovate Your Bedroom On A Budget

7 ways to decorate your bedroom on a budget

Sometimes we would just like to give a fresh new look to our bedroom. Although, we are scared of doing it because we know we could easily break the bank. Well, it doesn’t have to be necessarily like this! Believe it or not, you can totally renovate your bedroom on a budget. And I promise it will look even better than you could ever imagine!

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Paint the walls

The first thing I did when I decided to renovate my bedroom is painting the walls. I changed their color from yellow to white and it gave a completely new look to the room. Painting the walls is one of the most inexpensive things you could do, making the biggest change to your bedroom!

I definitely suggest painting the walls of your bedroom white, as it lights up the spaces and gives a more polished and organized look to the room. You could also paint one of the walls with another color of your choice, as it will give the bedroom a more elegant look.

Add a mirror

Not only a mirror will reflect the light, making the room brighter. It will also make your bedroom look bigger! Also, it comes handy if you want to fill up an empty space on the wall.

Personally, I love full-length mirrors, like the one below from Amazon, as they give an extremely elegant look to the room (while being useful).

Full Lenght Mirror White Bedroom Decor Renovate the Bedroom

You can easily get this mirror here for only $67.52

Add some plants

Adding plants is a genius idea to decorate your bedroom. They give a fresh and renewed look to the room and they can be extremely affordable. Plus, if you don’t have a green thumb you can totally use fake plants as well!

Go for bigger plants such as Fig Trees, Palm trees or similar ones if you want to fill up some empty spaces in your room. If your bedroom is not that big you can create a little vertical garden like this one (that you can get from Amazon for only $29.99).

Plant vases wall decor

You can easily get these vases here.

Get some throw pillows

Throw pillows are great to decorate your bedroom, spicing up the bed space and giving it some character (without breaking the bank).

While redecorating my room I bought this one from Amazon, and I love it! The gold details give my room a very chic and elegant look.

tropical palm leaves gold throw pillows cases

You can easily get these throw pillow cases here for only $15.18 

Lay down a rug

If your room looks empty, try laying down a rug. It will tie the room together and give it a cozier and chic look. It’s definitely an amazing way to decorate your room without changing any other element!

Obviously, I love white rugs, like the one below, but you can go for whichever color you think could look better in your bedroom.

White Rug With Grey Diamonds

You can easily get this rug here for only $63.34

Hang some wall art

You can hang some wall art on your walls, to decorate your plain walls. The amazing aspect of this is that you don’t have to buy it, but you can totally find it online and print it. You could also create it yourself if you feel like being creative!

Wall Art Succulent Room decor

If you’re lazy you can still buy it! Get the one above here.


Last, but definitely not least, one of the most inexpensive ways to decorate your room is definitely DIY! You could repaint your old furniture, handcraft wall decor items and many other ideas that you can easily find on Pinterest.

The idea I love the most is this one from Etsy. You can totally buy it, but I think the best option is to DIY it. It’s fun and, most importantly, super inexpensive!

Paper wall decor DIY to decorate your bedroom

Was this post helpful? Let me know in the comments down below how you’ll renovate your bedroom and if you’ll use some of these ideas.





How to renovate your bedroom on a budget ideas and tips to make a bedroom look bigger and brighter

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