10 DIY Dorm Decor Ideas That Are Easy And Inexpensive

easy and affordable dorm decor ideas that are unique and on a budget

Back to school is sadly around the corner. With that, you’re probably thinking about decorating your dorm room and make it a little special and unique. However, we all know how pricey decor items can be. Plus, personally, I feel a little guilty when I purchase something super expensive that I know I could make myself. That’s why I’ve decided that from now on I want to help my bank account and I want to help yours as well. That’s why I’ve rounded up 10 DIY dorm decor ideas that will totally transform your dorm room into a place where you can both relax and be productive.

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Here is my list of the top 10 DIY dorm decor ideas that not only are super easy and inexpensive, but that’ll also make your room finally stand out:


Calendars similar to this are all over the internet, but they are generally made with post-it notes. However, this one gives a little twist to the basic post-it notes calendar. It will probably stand out in your dorm room, making it a little bit more colorful and fun.

I’ve always loved the concept as they are extremely useful when it comes to scheduling your days. Also, since the calendar is erasable, you won’t waste paper and planning will only take you a few seconds.

DIY erase calendar wall art wall hanging planner with glittery post-it notes to plan and schedule your week, day and month

Check out the guide on how to make it over at Live Craft Love


Pillows are always a good idea when it comes to decorating a room and making it a little bit cozier. These knot pillows, however, are even better. Not only they are super easy to make. They are also a very nice piece that’ll give character to your dorm room, making it feel like home.

DIY knot pillows tutorial original and easy to make pillow

Check out the guide on how to make them over at Little Inspiration


If in your dorm room there is an empty wall that you don’t know how to fill up? Then the perfect solution is this wall hanging. It will make the room look cozier and more interesting. That blank wall won’t look that sad anymore, but your money will still be in your bank account. Plus, you can personalize the design however you want and make it yours.

DIY Black and White flowers tapestry wall hanging wall art

Check out the guide on how to make it over at Kelli Murray


This is definitely one of my favorites out of these DIY dorm decor ideas. It’s simple yet elegant and will cozy up your dorm room with a very feminine and chic twist.

wall art wall hanging DIY rose gold leaves garland for bedroom and dorm room decor and

Check out the guide on how to make it over at Nicest Things


Something you certainly need in order to study with motivation and be more productive is a desk. However, spending thousands of dollars on a desk is something that most of us definitely can’t afford while in college. This easy Ikea transformation will give you the desk of your dream for 1/5 of the price.

DIY Ikea Hack transformation of a white desk with gold legs and accents

Check out the guide on how to make it over at Money Can Buy Lipstick


This is probably my favorite piece out of all these DIY dorm decor ideas, and I’m sure you know why. Pom poms, in general, are super trendy at the moment. However, pom pom rugs are something that I could have never imagined. They are a very original and fluffy evolution of basic pom pom decor pieces.

Also, the shape and colors are obviously up to you, so it’s completely customizable. Just know that, even if it’s super easy to make, it’s gonna take a couple of hours.

Soft and Fluffy Neutral, Pink and Yellow Pom Pom Rug easy to make

Check out the guide on how to make it over at Say Yes


Headboards give personality to every bed. Since dorm rooms’ beds generally don’t have a headboard this DIY is the perfect solution. Plus, the chalkboard look makes it the perfect place to write little reminders that can change every day.

(If you’re looking for a good chalkboard spray paint that erases easily every time I suggest you get this one from Amazon)

You can check out the tutorial on how to make it in the video down below.


A super cute alternative to a headboard is this flower wall. It gives a very fresh and clean look to the dorm room, giving brand new life to any wall. Also, you could change them up by customizing it with the seasonal flowers or even leaves.

DIY flower wall hanging behind bed wall art

Check out the guide on how to make it over at Sweet Teal


One thing I constantly struggle finding is a pencil holder that is not that crappy. Well, the result is that I always end up using a coffee mug or something like that. And my desk obviously looks so sad I feel sorry for it.

However, I think this pencil holder could finally change the game. Yes, I know, glitter is scary. But at the same time, I definitely prefer a glittery desk over a very sad looking one.

Pink and purple DIY glitter pencil holder mason jar

Check out the guide on how to make it over at Sprinkled & Painted


Another great alternative to a headboard is a big patterned tapestry. It gives a totally different and bohemian look to the room, plus it creates some movement. The thing is that most of the ones sold are super expensive. And why should you break the bank when you can easily make one yourself?

There are many techniques you can use, but the ice dye one is definitely my favorite. It creates a unique and fluid pattern that you’ll fall in love with.

Blue DIY ice dye tapestry wall hanging bohemian wall art

Check out the guide on how to make it over at jojotastic

Will you try these DIY dorm decor ideas? Comment down below what you would like to try and feel free to ask me your questions.

Oh also, if you haven’t found anything you like, check out this post! There are many other DIY ideas you can try to upgrade your dorm room.





easy and affordable dorm room decor ideas that are unique and on a budget

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