8 Easy To Make DIY Christmas Home Decor Ideas

easy to make DIY Christmas home decor ideas

Christmas time is getting closer and closer and I must admit that I’m very happy about it, as it definitely is my favorite time of the year. What I love the most about Christmas is the atmosphere that there is around it. A big part of this atmosphere is created by the Christmas decorations. However, it’s not hard to notice that home decor, in general, is very expensive. What many people don’t know is that DIYing at least a part of your Christmas decorations is not as difficult as it seems, plus it will cost you a fraction of the price. That’s why today I’m sharing with you 10 DIY Christmas home decor ideas that will set your mood up for Christmas time.

DIY Minimalist Christmas Village

What I love about this DIY decor piece is how simple yet very scenographic it is. You don’t necessarily need to purchase a display box if you don’t want to! You can totally use a lantern, a fishbowl or something else that you already have. Plus, whatever you end up deciding to use as your container, I’m sure will turn out to be a useful decoration piece all year long.

minimalist diy christmas home decor  white snowy village in a lantern

You can find the instructions on how to build it here.

DIY Pallet Wood Centerpiece Box

Centerpieces, in general, are a great way for your house to look interesting and put together at the same time. This centerpiece, in particular, is a beautiful DIY decor idea that will make it look like you’ve put a lot of effort into decorating your house for Christmas when you actually haven’t. 

DIY Pallet Wood Centerpiece Box

You can find the instructions on how to build it here.

DIY Snowy Mason Jars

These snowy mason jars are adorable and perfect if you want to decorate a space that looks a little empty. It could be on your nightstand table, on a bookshelf, on the fireplace, next to the tv, and so on.

DIY Snowy Mason Jars

You can find the instructions on how to create it here.

DIY Christmas Light Up Marquee

I’ve always loved light up marquee letters, and I think that they are the perfect holiday decor project. They create super cozy vibes and they bring a lovely glittery glow to the room that will istantly bring Christmas in your home.

DIY Christmas Light Up Marquee Merry & Bright

You can find the instructions on how to make it here.

DIY Fresh Christmas Wreath

What’s more welcoming and heartwarming than arriving at the front door of your house to find a beautiful Christmas wreath? I love how simple and easy to make this wreath is. Plus, the fresh greenery will smell amazing, especially if you hang the wreath inside your house.

DIY Fresh Greenery Christmas Wreath

You can find the instructions on how to make it here.

DIY Holiday No Sew Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are always a great way to spice up and give some character to a very plain and boring couch. Christmas themed throw pillows, in particular, will help you make your house a lot cozier and welcoming. These DIY pillows are even easier to make because of the fact that no sewing is required, which is something I’m really not that great at. These are just a few ideas, but you can find many more ideas online, to best fit your Christmas decor color scheme.

DIY Holiday No Sew Throw Pillows with gold details

You can find the instructions on how to make it here.

DIY Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

In the last few years, I’ve decided that I will add at least one ornament to my collection every year. Why only one? Because ornaments are often way too expensive, and it just feels like a waste of money when you buy something that you could totally DIY. And that’s exactly the solution to the problem!

These wood slice Christmas ornaments are great for those of you who love a rustic and farmhouse-themed decor. Plus, this is just an example of all the ornaments you could make with the technique explained here, where they also have a bunch of other designs you can download for free and print.

DIY rustic modern christmas ornaments on wood slices with copper cord

You can find the instructions on how to make them here.

DIY Cookie Cutter Wreath

This wreath made with star-shaped cookie cutters is a lovely and fun twist to the ordinary wreath. As soon as I’ve seen it I’ve fallen in love with it, so much that this is probably my favorite piece out of all of the DIY Christmas home decor ideas in this post. This one is definitely a DIY I will try, even because it looks super easy to make. Lastly, there’s no need to only use star-shaped cookie cutters: you could mix and match differently-shaped cookie cutters or use only one shape that you love the most.

DIY easy to make Christmas Wreath made with star shaped cookie cutters

You can find the instructions on how to make it here.

DIY Pompom Christmas Garland

This garland was actually created for Valentine’s Day, but I think it’s a great DIY home decor idea for Christmas time as well. At the end of the day, it has the basic Christmas colors and it’s super fuzzy, which will make your place extremely cozy.

Red and white DIY pompom christmas garland

You can find the instructions on how to make it here.

What do you think about these DIY Christmas home decor ideas?

Will you give them a try? Have you already tried some of them? Or do you have other DIY Christmas home decor ideas you want to share with everyone? 

Feel free to share your opinion and your ideas in the comments down below! Have a nice rest of the day!

DIY Christmas decor ideas tp set your house up for christmas time

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