9 DIY Gift Ideas That Every Homebody Will Appreciate

DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Something I really love about Christmas is giving gifts, as it helps me show people my love for them. However, shopping for presents can often turn out to be pretty expensive, especially if there are many people you want to give a gift to. The solution to this problem are these DIY Christmas gift ideas that people will most certainly love, yet that are super inexpensive and extremely easy to make.

Quick note: most of these DIY gift ideas are actually great for any time of the year, not just for Christmas.

DIY Infused Bath Salts

Who doesn’t love to relax in a bathtub, especially in the winter time? These bath salts are great for those people who need some me-time and relax.

Plus, you can use the scent you (or the person if want to gift it to) like the most. Just pick different essential oils, to create a personalized scent.

DIY infused bath salts

Learn how to make them on A Beautiful Mess

DIY Flannel Hand Warmers

If you live in a super cold country/region this is the perfect DIY gift that’ll help everyone literally warm their hands (and maybe their heart too).

Obviously, you can use a different fabric pattern and also put some essential oils drops into the rice to make the hand warmers smell great too.

diy flannel hand warmers made with rice

Learn how to make them on The Child At Heart Blog

Vegan Double Chocolate Cookies In A Jar

This is probably one of the easiest gift ideas you could ever make, and also my favorite one out of the DIY Christmas gift ideas in this post. You won’t probably need more than what you already have in your house (unless you always eat out or just constantly postmate your meals). Putting it together will literally take you just a few minutes, but it will look like a very nice and thoughtful gift that even the worst cook will enjoy.

Vegan Double Chocolate Cookies In A Jar

Check out the recipe on Hello Glow

DIY Marbled Clay Ring Dish

These ring dishes are super easy to make and you’ll probably feel like a kid once again while making these. The thing I love the most about this DIY is how different and unique each dish will turn out. I also really love the little gold details on the edges, which give them a more dainty look.

DIY Marbled Clay Ring Dish

Learn how to make them on A Beautiful Mess

DIY Knit Potholders

This is the best gift for all those people who love cooking and are always in their kitchen trying new recipes (no matter how good or terrible they are). I know that knitting can be pretty intimidating, but this one is a very cute little project that I think anyone could try and succeed at. 

DIY grey knit potholders

Learn how to make them on Homey Oh My

Hot Chocolate Spoons

This is another extremely easy to make gift idea that’ll leave everyone with a smile. The ones I personally love the most are the ones with the tiny marshmallows on top. Who doesn’t love marshmallows in their hot chocolate?

If you think the chocolate is not enough, you can always make them richer by pouring the chocolate in an ice tray and stick the spoons/sticks into it.

Hot Chocolate Spoons

Learn how to make them on A Beautiful Mess

DIY Chunky Knit Blanket

Chunky knit blankets are super in right now, but they are also very expensive. Obviously, you can buy it (you can find it on Amazon from a starting price of $70), but making it could be much cheaper, and it’s probably one of my favorite DIY Christmas gift ideas. It might take some time to make it, but the result will definitely leave you satisfied (and you’ll probably want to keep it for yourself).

DIY Chunky Knit Blanket

Learn how to make it on Lily Ardor

DIY Rose Petal Vanilla Bath Bombs

Another great gift idea for those people who need some me-time is bath bombs. If you make them in bulk, instead of buying them in a store, you’ll save a lot of money. You can choose from a bunch of different types and scents, but this is my absolute favorite one. Plus, I love the packaging idea, which you can easily recreate.

DIY Rose Petal Vanilla Bath Bombs

Learn how to make them on A Life Adjacent

DIY Finger Knit Rope Trivet

This is another great gift idea for those people who love spending time in the kitchen. Even if it might not look like it, it’s actually a very easy DIY that anyone could make. Plus, you can choose how big you want it to be, so that it can fit not only small pots but big ones too.

DIY Finger Knit Rope Trivet Tutorial

Learn how to make them on Flax & Twine

What do you think about these DIY Christmas gift ideas?

Are you going to try to recreate them? If so, who will you gift it to? Comment down below, sharing your opinions and ideas on these DIY Christmas gift ideas, and let me know if you have any questions.

Have a nice day!


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