The 2018 Pinterest Updates You Need to Know About

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Pinterest always comes up with new updates in order to offer everyone a better user experience. However, the last few months have been crazy for the business accounts’ owners. That’s why today I’m sharing with you the 2018 Pinterest updates you need to know about to up your Pinterest game.

Pinterest has introduced huge changes that are aimed at offering high-quality content to users. Through these updates, they also want to offer content creators a better way to find success on Pinterest and reach a bigger audience.

However, many bloggers are either not aware of the 2018 Pinterest updates or are finding it hard to adjust to them. To be honest, I was struggling as well at the beginning, but I’ve finally understood how to make the updates fit my necessities.

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Best Practices – 2018 Pinterest Updates

New size for your pins

For a long time, bloggers were suggesting to use giraffe pins. They were very long pins designed to catch the attention of Pinterest users. Not only these dimensions were common but they were also working pretty well. However, Pinterest creators noticed that these giraffe pins were creating a bad user experience because they were literally taking up the whole screen.

That’s why the new recommended size is much different: as you’ve probably noticed Pinterest has started to cut on showing long pins in the home feed and will eventually probably stop showing them completely. The new suggested size to use is 600×900, or any other size that follows the 2:3 proportion.

The 5 Pins Rule

For the whole month of May Pinterest was stressing on introducing a huge change, the so-called “5 pins rule”. It basically means that when pinning you had to give priority to the first five pinned you pin after midnight UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

This did not mean you couldn’t pin for the rest of the day, it only meant that only the first five pins would have been shown to all your followers. The rest of the pins you shared during the day would’ve been seen by those followers who followed a small number of accounts only.

However, many bloggers don’t know that it looks like this update no longer actually applies. Indeed, mention of the 5 Pins Rule has been removed from Pinterest help pages and was downplayed in subsequent interviews.

The only thing you have to do with your Pinterest account is to pin wisely. This means that you don’t have to pin dozens of times every day. You should, instead, pin at the right time, when you know your followers will interact with your pins.

A marketing tool that can really help you find out when your followers engage with your pins the most is Tailwind. Tailwind is not only a scheduling tool. It’s also a great website that helps you analyze every aspect of your Pinterest profile, such as followers, repins and boards.

What’s Up With Group Boards?

Until last month group boards were still a huge thing. People were joining hundreds of group boards to reach an audience that they would have never reached through their followers only. And it was working pretty well.

But things have changed for group boards as well, in the 2018 Pinterest updates.

For a while, people were saying that group boards were something that Pinterest wanted us to use only for small collaboration. However, this is not really true. The thing is that many of these group boards are broad-themed. You can basically find anything from blogging to parenting.

The problem is that Pinterest doesn’t like group boards like these. Non-business users are more likely to follow boards that are about a certain category they’re interested in. That’s why among Pinterest’s best practices there’s also another suggestion: only join specific themed group boards.

How much of your own content should you pin?

According to the recent interviews with Pinterest, there’s no such thing as a suggested proportion between your own pins and other people’s pins you save. Pinterest wants you to pin your own content and share other people’s pins only when you don’t have something of your own to share, in order to give your followers content to read.

Pinterest won’t penalize you for pinning only your content. The only thing that really matters is to be consistent and pin every day, throughout the day, instead of only pinning a lot once in a while.

Is manually pinning an actual thing?

Manually pinning is one of the most discussed and controversial topics on Pinterest. Half of the Pinterest business community claims that manually pinning is the way to success. The other half, however, says exactly the contrary.

Luckily, this topic has been brought up in the latest Pinterest interviews. It turns out that there’s no need to pin manually, as there is no benefit to pinning live. The only thing you should be paying attention to is the scheduling website you’re using. Be sure you’re using an approved partner scheduling tool such as Tailwind.

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Website and App – 2018 Pinterest Updates

The Audience Insight

The Audience Insight is another great update that has been slowly introduced on business accounts throughout the months of June and July. But where is it? Just like your Pinterest Analytics, the Audience Insight is only available on the Pinterest website. You can easily find it by clicking on the Analytics section of your Pinterest account from your desktop.

Pinterest Audience Insights Tool to analyze follower's data and preferences

It is a very useful tool, especially if you consider its relation with the way pins now take off on Pinterest. With the Audience Insight, you can basically look into the interests and data of your followers and of all Pinterest users as well.

Before looking at the audience data I thought that my follower’s preferences looked a lot like the average Pinterest audience. Well, it turns out it’s completely different. Just look at how my followers’ data look compared to the Pinterest total audience.

My audience:

My Follower's Pinterest Audience Insight

Pinterest total audience:

Pinterest Total Audience Insight

Why is it important?

As you can see the difference in terms of interests is pretty huge. There are 4 main elements that you should focus on when looking at your audience insights:

  • Percentage of your audience that is interested in a certain category
  • Percentage of category audience that is interested in a certain topic in that category
  • Category affinity, which consists in how much your audience is interested in a particular category compared to the rest of the Pinterest audience
  • Interest affinity, which consists in how much your audience is interested in a particular topic compared to the rest of the Pinterest audience

This can help you a ton understanding what kind of pins your audience might be interested in. This means that in order to succeed on Pinterest you have to either:

  • Align your pins with the interests of your followers
  • Create a new following that might be interested in your blog’s topics.

Through the Audience Insights tool, you can basically understand how to make your pins skyrocket and finally find success on Pinterest. Pretty cool, right?

The following tab

The following tab is one of the new features introduced among the 2018 Pinterest updates in July. Personally, I’ve been waiting for a while for this feature. Before it, I felt like I was never able to see what the accounts I was following were pinning.

With the following tab, you can finally see all the new pins as soon as they’re pinned, in chronological order. Plus, the more your followers engage with your content, the more Pinterest shows your pins in other places like search results, feeds, and recommendations.

Since your followers are always the first to see your ideas, this makes it easier for them to see it. Pinterest distributes your content to your followers first to figure out what’s resonating. If your followers like it, then that pin will probably skyrocket through Pinterest.

At the moment the following tab is only available on the Pinterest app and not on the website. Plus, the update is only available for certain types of smartphones. Therefore, we’ll have to wait for a while before seeing how this update will perform.

What do you think of the 2018 Pinterest Updates? Do you think you’ll make a good use out of them? Feel free to ask me questions about them via email or in the comments down below.

The latest 2018 pinterest updates you need to know about to step up your pinterest game and drive more traffic to your blog

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